Shaq vs Penn and Teller

Shaq vs Penn and Teller

Shaq challenges Penn Jillette to a magic duel, no not the kind like in Harry Potter where they cast magic spells at each other. But a duel where the audience chooses who performed the better trick.

Once Penn agrees,  Shaq pushes the deal… he knows nothing about magic so he not only wants Penn’s help by giving him a trick, he wants Teller on his team. But to sweeten the deal and encourage Penn to agree, Shaq offers to throw in a day’s use of his private jet if he loses the competition. So Penn figures he the competition in the bag and has nothing to lose… so he readily agrees.

In this fun competition, Shaq learns that doing a magic trick properly is  a lot harder than it looks. After all,  the secret of being a good magician is that they can make it look so easy, when you really have to keep a lot of different factors in your head. The audience gets a good laugh in this one.
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