Why Science Teachers Should Not be Given Playground Duty


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For every action, there will be an equal and opposite class action lawsuit.

Inertially, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The physics of concussions…fascinating

My father being a physicist I can confirm the accuracy of this.

…But does it work?

This won’t work since they aren’t touching. Boom, physicsed.

More importantly, it won’t work because each of the children are swinging by two chains rather than one.

The collisions would be much more inelastic.

Even if they were on one chain if they were swinging they would probably miss each other.

He needs to push 3 kids to have them all be  pushed

Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t still attempt and video tape the outcome for further studies… you know, for science or whatever.

Maybe that’s what he’s teaching them!

My friends and I did this in elementary school. Not as fun as we thought it’d be.

We used to do this without the science teacher.  Of course we always got the whistle blown at us…

I’m now curious to see if the momentum would transfer well enough for the last child to move…

What else can I do with a School Counseling degree?

I’m glad I am not alone in thinking that this is awesome rather than cringe inducing

If I thought this was funny, does that mean i’m getting old?

I actually AM laughing out loud! Thanks for posting!

That is FUNNY.

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